ReThink everything you thought you Knew

From the Heart: Called to Minister to Outcast Kids

Here’s a lovely testimony we received from Germany.

Hey Greg,

Thank you for your message. For making clear what God has been working on my heart about for the last few years. I am called to minister to youth, and was broken hearted when I realized that the exact kids who need Christ so desperately in their lives are the ones who would never, ever, fit into “church.”

These youth would be the ones who would be judged, condemned, gossiped about, and passively turned out and away. For not being “holy” enough.

Thank you for revealing the Christ who met me when I was such a youth. I loved Him the first time He spoke to me and washed a lifetime of pain away. Thank you for reminding me that it is He who saves, it is He who loves, and not this organization, this club, which we call the “church.”

In Christ,


From the Heart: Called to Minister to Outcast Kids
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