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Appreciation for Crucifixion of the Warrior God

Dear Greg,

I want to thank you deeply for the work that you are doing.

I have just started reading Crucifixion of the Warrior God (but have deeply followed your work on Reknew) and I agree with all points of your cruciform thesis.

I want to encourage you to keep going and keep doing what you are doing. Your work lives in the tension of non-coercive love, humanity’s destructiveness, genuine freedom, scripture’s witness and Christ at the center of it all.

i wish your book was around when I was first deeply wrestling with OT violence and also wondering if I could keep my faith.

For me this book and the views you share on Reknew, have been a place of clarification and centering what I actually had unconsciously started doing hermeneutically. Whilst I have benefited deeply from authors like Pete Enns (particularly ‘Inspiration and Incarnation’), I have found that the cruciform framework is an absolutely crucial piece of the puzzle.

Over the years, I have felt torn between the embracing love of progressive Christians and the biblical embrace of conservatives. Your work is giving us a third way that is completely centered on the cruciform Christ.

I struggle with the way that Progressives try to move past Jesus’ theology as outdated and the way conservatives try to cling to a divine instruction book (and submit to a violent God)

As soon as ‘Cross Vision’ comes out – I will be getting all of my mates to read it (I think CWG might be too big for them).

Thanks so much