Freed for Relationship

Dear Greg,

Thanks so much for writing all of your books, but especially Satan and the Problem of Evil.

I am one of those ethnic Mennonites, but did not grow up in the Mennonite church. Instead, I grew up in the Nazarene church. After many years of reading your material, it was after reading the above book that it finally clicked that for most of my childhood I had an Open Theist conception of God. I think this was due to residual Mennonite teaching in my parents and grandparents coupled with the Wesleyan emphasis of my early childhood.

But I was educated out of it. And I have been in bondage to the Classical model until your book came along and freed me once and for all. Now my relationship with Jesus is going stellar! I even cried about the cross yesterday (it’s a complicated story as to why).

I am across cultural worker. I will be conveying this material to local believers, many of whom have been captivated by Calvinism. Thanks again!