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Good Reads

Dear Dr. Boyd,

Finished TRINITY AND PROCESS a few days ago. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Just wanted to drop a line to congratulate you on the accomplishment of writing a book like this. I found it educational and clear, and I was amazed by the way you were able to explicate the rational arguments so thoroughly.

I also should say that I’ve read a number of your other books including SATAN AND THE PROBLEM OF EVIL. I’ve long intuited that an open view of God made the most sense of scriptures as well as the character of Jesus (i.e. it seems that when Jesus wept over Jerusalem, a deterministic view would make his tears crocodile tears, if you know what I mean). Your books helped fill in some logical blanks that gave me more confidence that this intuition was true. Your side-discussion of hell evoked for me some fascinating thoughts reminiscent of some of Robert Farrar Capon’s writing about “place”. (What makes a place? The meeting of persons. But if you have made yourself unable to have such a meeting, you have consigned yourself to no-place.)

I also read THE COSMIC DANCE and enjoyed it a lot. I was relieved that at no point did I find myself saying, “Oops, that’s a misunderstanding of the science,” an experience I often have when reading books of this type. Not that I’m a professional physicist or anything but I’ve done a lot of reading in that area over the years. (Impossible to stay current though.) I gave THE COSMIC DANCE to my son, who is of the graphic novel generation, and he was excited to get it.

Thanks for your hard work over the years, and thanks to God for blessing the Church with gifted individuals that can encourage and build up the rest of us.