ReThink everything you thought you Knew

From a Mennonite

I attend a Mennonite church and our pastor recommended your book The Myth of a Christian Nation to me. I grew up in a Christian Amish family my dad being the bishop of the church. We had long discussions about the exact thing that you wrote in the book but when I would talk to friends about it I was considered a left wing kook. After reading it my life as a follower of God completely changed I recommended the book to everybody I knew and bought six copies to give to friends and family, My dad read the book and so has everybody in my family it has been unbelievable how it has brought out discussions in our family functions, all in total agreement with what you wrote.
    My Dad has been very influential as a farmer, writer, and a strong follower of God, tying the wonders of God to farming and the simple life as an Amish believer and this book has really helped him reconfirm the separations of the Kingdoms of the World and the Kingdom of God.
    I just want to thank you so much for the work you are doing. God Bless.

From a Mennonite
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