ReThink everything you thought you Knew

Rejuvination of Faith

I just wish to thank you for your ministries that you do by the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would say I’m about an adolescent Christian only giving my life to the Lord and getting baptized my freshman year of college (I’m now a senior). In between those times I worked at a Christian book store and more often than not got in trouble for reading the merchandise (even though I was the music dude). One of those book was your “Satan and the Problem of Evil.” It ultimately rocked me, and I finally had the money (about a year later- no offense, I’m just a college student) I bought both in the series.

I just would like to say it has been a rejuvination of my faith to read in tandem with God’s Word and realize the warfare worldview it holds. Having grown up on Star Wars, The Real Ghostbusters TV show, and many other out there concepts- I got it almost immediately, and honestly its something I’ve always believed, but have never heard it preached from the pu! lpit (Grew up Presbyterian(went about 10 times in my life), now go to Saddleback Church which is Southern Baptist- all lean more towards a divine blueprint and “everything happens for a reason” which I may be a romantic, but have never bought that line). I just want to thank you for faithfully preaching what God has put in you, it has impacted at least my life.

God bless, stand strong brother.

Our Fight is Within,

Rejuvination of Faith
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