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From the Heart

Here’s a short testimony sent in from a reader:

Hi there Greg,

I read your commentary on Romans 9 recently, and reread it again today. I struggled with this chapter prior to becoming a Christian and it made me hate God. Even after I became a Christian I wrestled with the issue of Calvinism, because I knew intuitively that the notion that God arbitrarily selects people for salvation is wrong: such a God is morally deficient. Your commentary on Romans 9 was enormously helpful, as I came to understand that God chooses us on the basis of faith and repentance, and that there were non-deterministic readings of Romans 9 in existence. I don’t ordinarily message people online about Bible commentaries and such, but your article was some exceptionally well thought out exposition.


You can find Greg’s thoughts on Romans 9 here.

From the Heart
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