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From the Heart: A Soldier’s Journey to Peacemaking

Hi Greg & Greg’s family,

Nice meeting you at the “Hellbound?” showing tonight. :-) With all my heart, thank you for showing me the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus through your ministry. I read “The Myth of the Christian Nation” while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007. Seeing you tonight, I felt like I needed to say something because Greg, I can not understate the significance of how it caused me and therefore all the soldiers under my influence to make different choices in the face of conflict, too many stories to mention here. Your ministry helped a young, scared Christian creatively build peace in a war torn Baghdad suburb. My life calling is to be a leader in the area of Christian Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation, and Peacebuilding. I plan to pursue a PhD in this area some day. For whatever reason, I have a heart for Arab Muslims. The Iraqis knew I was a Christian and gave me the Christian nickname Yusef. :-)

Thank you with sincere gratitude!


From the Heart: A Soldier’s Journey to Peacemaking
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