Inspired Future Pastor

Dr. Boyd,

Hi, my name is ____. I am 22, married, and about to be a senior at Southwest Baptist University here in Bolivar, MO. I am majoring in Religious Studies and plan to go on seminary (not sure where, hopefully Duke Divinity), and then, by the grace of God, become a pastor. I just wanted to drop you a quick note of encouragement and tell you that though you and your church are several hundred miles away from me, I feel as though I am an “on-line” member of your church. About a year ago, one of my professors casually mentioned your name in one of my church history courses. My professor was talking more specifically about Woodland Hills losing a significant amount of members after your provocative series, “The Cross and the Sword.” Since then, I have read your book (Myth) twice, along with purchasing other titles of yours. “Myth of a Christian Nation” has seriously rocked my world in a positive way. I want you to know that this book has been a formidable presence in my spiritual formation, as I have learned about the uniqueness and beauty of the Kingdom and Christ. As well,  I have recently been intrigued about your chapter and critiques in “The Nature of the Atonement.”Beyond that, I am a frequent listener to your sermons and listen to them while I run. Above all else, please know that I am being personally fed by yours and Woodland Hill’s view of the Kingdom. It’s simply disarming and captivating. I will be praying for you.

Attempting to ascribe worth to others at cost to myself,

Luke 17.21