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Rekindled Hunger

Hi, Dr. Boyd.

I would like to tell you of an occurence in my life that just recently happened. As a result of watching CNN’s “God’s Warriors”, I was introduced to your ministry and to your way of thinking.

I grew up in a presbyterian church. Within the last several years, however, I have turned away from God. At some point, I decided I was smarter than the “small” christian point of view, and that made it really easy to intellectualize all the Jesus stuff out of my life. Watching the CNN show let me see and hear the beauty of your faith and rekindled my hunger for something bigger, something with “real” substance.

Now, I have been unhappy in my work environment for some time. I am a well-paid healthcare professional and I perform a valuable, fulfilling service to my community. However, I have lately felt burdened and out of place at my hospital. So, yesterday morning, as a result of reading some of your blogs and listening to a few of your podcasts, I prayed for the first time in several years. Taking your advice, I sat on the floor and held an open dialogue with God. I call it a dialogue rather than a monologue because I got the distinct sense that He was indeed listening – maybe I didn’t know how to hear any of His answers, but that didn’t really bother me. I apologized for being absent and asked Him for help and guidance in my work and my life. Yesterday afternoon prior to work (I work from 6pm to 7am), I went to my local bookstore and bought Letters To A Skeptic. Before leaving the bookstore, I got as far as the chapter regarding prayer and came across the passage, “you must have faith to pray, but you must also have faith enough to hear the answer to the prayer” (or something like that). I thought that to be an interesting notion – I didn’t realize how prophetic it was shortly to become.

Upon arrival at work, I took a phone call from a coworker that went horribly awry. I still don’t know exactly what happened, but this fellow employee took umbrance to something I said and made a BIG stink, to say the least.

To keep it short, my employment was instantly terminated. I was graciously escorted to my car with all my belongings by some very sympathetic coworkers (and a security guard!) and shared a tearful goodbye. Halfway home, your words hit me like a Mack Truck. “You must also have faith enough to hear the answer to the prayer”. Greg, I have no doubt in my heart or mind that this was, indeed, God’s answer. I have been given the gift of true impetus for change. I am now charged with making a wonderful decision for my future – where shall I go to better serve my sick and hurting fellow humans?

I sat all night and pondered this, and cannot for the life of me figure out what happened at work and why I was terminated.

Unfortunately, I have the unpleasant task of visiting Human Resources this morning and making all the necessary exit statements/filings and securing the financial ends. I face this with no fear, though, safe in the knowledge that there is a larger plan at work and that I will find happiness elsewhere. I am thankful for the opportunity the Lord has presented me and I told Him so this morning!

To conclude, I still have serious questions and “issues” regarding my christian faith. I am happy to have found such an eloquent guide as yourself to help me explore. I look forward to reading more of your work and perhaps sojourning to Minnesota to hear and possibly meet you (I found it very interesting that you are an endurance runner as I am also)and to possibly reestablish a personal relationship with Jesus – I know He’s missed me. God Bless!!!