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Like seeing color for the first time

I just want to express my thanks for being so willing to beat the path for so many into understanding the beautiful character of our Loving Heavenly Father.

I grew up as a good evangelical Christian in Australia, encouraged not to question too much the doctrines that seemed to paint a strange picture of God. At least a picture that didn’t look entirely Christlike. Things like the traditional view of hell, predestination and of course, OT violence. This left me with a pretty flat and bland Christian life on the verge of depression that was only ‘sparked’ and made more interesting by worldly pleasures.

Over a year ago now I began praying that God would reveal himself to me as He would be pleased for me to understand him, not as I wanted him to be, or as my church or bible college wanted him to look. Within a day or 2 of praying this, a friend recommended a strange book by a strange author, saying something like “I think you need to read this”.

I devoured this book which talked about how God looks exactly like Jesus. As many have described already, it was like seeing in color for the first time. The God that I perceived in my mind was now becoming aligned with the loving and tender God that I had at times known in my heart.

Before long, I found my way onto Reknew, Woodland Hills podcasts and now ‘Crucifixion of the Warrior God’. I can’t describe the joy of being ‘born again’ through the work of the Spirit through your ministry Greg. I just love God and find that life is so exciting and meaningful beyond what I could have ever known. How is it that there is a God that truly is more beautiful that we could ever imagine?! I still have to pinch myself sometimes. It’s just too good!

God bless you all