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The Power of Love

I think one of the many beautiful things about Jesus is that He doesn’t stop pursuing us.  Even through our doubts and our deepest hurts. I was raised Catholic, but I stopped believing in high school. I have been a devout atheist for 12 years and I was saved this past July. Last March someone special to me came into my life. I met him, and we struck up a conversation about the existence of God. For the first time in my life, a devout Christian was interested in what I had to say-i.e. my reasons for thinking that being religious was extremely misguided and problematic. I began to develop a genuine admiration and respect for him, which is what initially made me want to re-explore. As time went on, I started to develop romantic feelings for him and now, looking back, I know that this was Jesus’ way of reaching me.

One of the most influential pieces of literature that helped bring me back to Jesus was one of the books that he sent me. He mentioned this guy, Greg Boyd. I had no idea who that was. So, I said “okay, well send me what you’ve got.” He sent me “Letters From a Skeptic,” and told me to read it. So I did.

This book really reached me. This book is the reason that I continued to look into Christianity, eventually began to worship with YWAM, joined a life group, and found a church community. I want to say that I am grateful for everyone who has showed me grace and has lovingly and whole-heartedly supported me during this time. I’ve had one long existential crisis and it was partly thanks to Boyd’s work. I felt like his father (in this book): it spoke to me.


I think one of the important things I learned from Boyd is that it is okay to doubt. With doubt comes the potential for greater love. As Martin Luther King said, “There is no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.” Twelve years of disdain and genuine bouts of doubt are powerful forces, but through it all, Boyd’s work helped open my heart and my mind to the love of Jesus.