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From the Heart: Letters of Thanks

Periodically we’d like to post testimonies that come to us via reader emails. We’re so grateful that this ministry has a real life impact on so many, and getting these letters makes it all worthwhile. This one is from Jennifer:

Became acquainted with Greg Boyd through his podcasts sometime during the nine years my husband and I were living in West Africa due to his job. The experience of living outside of the U.S., but particularly in an area with such devastating poverty, was life changing. On a spiritual level, it also gave us an opportunity learn to build on our relationship with God – apart from the church. And it gave us the chance to look (hard) at the church in America. We knew that when we returned to the U.S. for good there would be reverse culture shock to deal with. But the spiritual shock was even more challenging. It took us a while to find a church whose priorities seemed more in line with Christ’s rather than one with some other agenda. We’ve also continued to enjoy Greg’s podcasts, blogs, and now ReKnew. The journey continues. But I have to say some of the things I’ve been hearing and reading from Greg lately have caused an even deeper crisis of faith for me. Thankful for your mission and the stripping away of all the traditional American Christianity teaching that was still so ingrained in me. Painful!!! Sometimes frightening. But looking forward to rebuilding a firm foundation that is more in line with God’s original intention. Thanks for your courage!

Image by Ian Sane. Used in accordance with Creative Commons. Sourced via Flickr.

From the Heart: Letters of Thanks
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