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A Song to Remember

Remember flight, The bird is mortal

HORIZON via Compfight

Here’s a song that a friend of ours from Third Way Church wrote that you might want to listen to today of all days. It’s based on Psalm 84. If you’re feeling anxious, remember that we are loved and cared for and safe.

Song written and performed by Eustace. All rights reserved.

A Song for Sparrows

Even a sparrow
calls your house her home
A lowly swallow her nest
for better is a place
near you

See the pilgrim
set her heart for home.
The rains will follow her steps
and bless her strength to strength.

How lovely, how lovely are you.
How lovely, how lovely, Your voice, Your face.
How lovely, how lovely.

I keep the door
to call your house a home.
A lowly fellow to rest
for better is one day,
better is one day
with you.
Better is one day
with you.


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