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Reflecting on Open2013

OPEN2013_GroupPhoto_0T. C. Moore has posted some of his reflections from the Open Theism conference. T. C. was one of several people who pulled this conference together and he did a great job. He’s also incredibly smart and very active in the open view community. Also, he’s a young church planter in Boston and I’m sure he’s grieving with the rest of that city (and the world) after the bombings yesterday. Our hearts are broken with him. Lord Jesus bring your peace and reveal your heart in the aftermath of this tragedy.

From T. C.’s blog:

The conference was held at Woodland Hills Church and senior pastor Greg Boyd was one of the conference’s keynote speakers.John Sanders and Thomas Jay Oord also delivered keynote talks. All three keynote speakers did a fantastic job, and each one provided substantive Q&A sessions following their talks. Dr. Oord even integrated Q&A into his presentation making it extraordinarily interactive. But one undeniable highlight of the conference was Jessica Kelley‘s sharing of Henry’s Story. Her testimony of how the Open View and the Warfare Worldview has helped her process her pain and preserved her faith in God was definitely the emotional pinnacle of the conference. Several of us on the planning team noted her poise during Q&A and her powerful gift of clear communication.

Reflecting on Open2013
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