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27 Million Stones

27 Million Stones from Joel Pilger on Vimeo.

When ReKnew board member Joel Pilger met the team at The Exodus Road, he was amazed to hear tragic stories of slavery in our modern world. But he was even more struck by the organization’s unique focus: working with local authorities to help rescue victims of sex trafficking by means of intervention.

Joel also couldn’t help but notice curious collections of stones gathered around the offices of The Exodus Road. Matt Parker, CEO, explained: “Each time a victim is rescued, we write that child’s name, age and location on a stone.” The incredible visual of a single stone – a unique, human individual – really struck a chord with Joel and inspired him to produce a short film.

The resulting short is 27 Million Stones, a 3-minute video that poses the question, “With 27 million slaves in our modern-day world, perhaps it’s time to admit defeat?” But then upon looking at the stories of just a few – those that have been rescued – reveals a different perspective.

Credits — ON CAMERA: Matt Parker of The Exodus Road (theexodusroad.com). WRITER / DIRECTOR / DP / EDIT: Joel Pilger of Impossible (impossible.tv). AC: Kenneth Flanagan. SOUND: Ed Flanagan. EXTRAS: Mike Knott, Jason Friesema, Emma Pilger. MUSIC: The American Dollar (theamericandollar.info). SOUND DESIGN / MIX: Coupe Studios (coupestudios.com).

ReKnew invites its fans and followers to watch the film and share it with their social networks. Let’s spread the word and help organizations like The Exodus Road write more stories of rescue.

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