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Friday Lights: Kindness

This story is from our own backyard here in the Twin Cities. Alana Kish and her young daughter Annie (who calls herself a “kindness fairy”) have made it their mission to spread kindness wherever they go. They brighten sidewalks with inspirational chalk graffiti dictated by Annie and hand out stickers. It’s a good reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that can make such a difference. Kish started a Facebook page to track their adventures if you’d like to follow along. You can find the whole story here.

“This is my mission,” she said. “Everyone is so connected, and they don’t really pay attention to anything except what’s on their phone or what’s on their computer, they’re just so absorbed. There are so many beautiful things all around that I just feel that people are missing out. If we can bring a little joy to someone’s life because we hand out a sticker, then that’s wonderful.”

Said Annie: “Some people forget that they matter, so we help them remember.”

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Friday Lights: Kindness
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