Tom Oord

Greg Boyd Chats with Thomas Jay Oord (podcast)

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Greg talks with Thomas Jay Oord about what God can and can’t do.  Episode 674

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Why Can’t God? Reflections on the Oord Interview (podcast)

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Greg reflects on his interview with Thomas Jay Oord. Episode 503

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Why Can’t God Stop Evil? The Thomas J. Oord Interview (podcast)

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Greg and Thomas talk about Open Theism and how Greg’s views differ from Thomas’s. Theology nerds, get your compass and your flashlight and prepare to go DEEEEEP in the weeds!  Thomas’s book: God Can’t Episode…

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Open2013 Reflections

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Both participants and leaders share about what was happening at Open2013 and some of their thoughts on Open Theism. Listen in and hear from Greg Boyd, John Sanders, Tom Oord, T. C. Moore, Jessica Kelley…

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Open2013 Speakers (Video)

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Here’s all of the videos of the speakers and their Q&A’s from Open2013. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up and we didn’t get Jessica Kelley’s presentation taped. We’re working to get her to speak again so…

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