Lighten Up: Square Peg, Round Hole Theology

Theology-vs-God-01-1024x791Theology-vs-God-02-1024x791Theology-vs-God-03-1024x791Theology-vs-God-04-1024x791Theology-vs-God-05-1024x791Theology-vs-God-06-1024x791Theology-vs-God-07-1024x791Theology-vs-God-08-1024x791Theology-vs-God-09-1024x791 Theology-vs-God-10-1024x791This comic was featured in The Bohemian Bowmans. If you don’t follow them, you probably should check them out. They’re great.


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Did Jesus Have Two Minds?

As I laid out in the previous post, I believe Jesus is fully God and fully human. The question is: How is this possible? How do we talk about the way that Jesus was fully God and fully man? The Creed of Chalcedon (451) tries to answer the question this way: We, then, following the…


Lighten Up: Double Standard Theology

Something stinks here.

Do you believe God is pure actuality?

The basis of the classical view of God as pure actuality (actus purus) is the Aristotelian notion that potentiality is always potential for change and that something changes only because is lacks something else. So, a perfect being who lacks nothing must be devoid of potentiality, which means it must be pure actuality. I think…

Lighten Up: Christians Under Attack

Why Believe that There Is a God?

“Why should we believe in God in the first place?” This was a question that Greg’s father asked of Greg. While there are many ways to respond, Greg’s offered what is called “the anthropological argument.” Here is an excerpt from Letters from a Skeptic. _____________________ My basic line of reasoning is this: We human beings…


Lighten Up: Oldie But Goodie

We thought we would bring this video back for today’s Lighten Up feature because it’s just too good to let it languish in the archives. Oh, and if you’re wondering what Greg was going to say about the Patriot’s Bible, you can find that here.