1. My Current Obsession


    Those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or listen to my sermons probably know by now that I’m in the midst of a very odd and unexpected season of my life.  For reasons that I’m just now beginning to … read more

  2. Lit by immensity

    Stefan Perneborg via Compfight

    In the previous series of posts I’ve argued that a merely “Christocentric” approach to God is too general, as can be shown by the widely different conceptions of God people arrive at, despite their claim to … read more

  3. Au-delà - Variation1

    Adrien Sifre via Compfight

    I’m currently working through a series of blogs that will flesh out the theology of the ReKnew Manifesto, and I’m starting with our picture of God, since it is the foundation of everything else. So far … read more