Thank You

Thank you!

I’d like to again welcome all of you to the new ReKnew website. In the weeks to come, I’ll unpack the theological vision of ReKnew. But I want to use today’s blog to express my profound appreciation to the people who have come around me to bring this exciting new ministry into being.

Everyone who knows me well will agree that the only reason I interface with the “normal” world as well as I do is because I have a personal navigator in my best friend and wonderful wife, Shelley (my “Beso”). Just for staying marriage to this quasi-Autistic uber-Geek, this lady deserves to be sainted! I love you Beso!

The idea to completely revamp my previous personal ministry (“Christus Victor Ministries”) originated several years ago with my good friend Brett Strand, who now serves as the lead of the ReKnew board. He teamed up with this delightful dude named Joel Pilger—who is the master film-maker who produced the wonderful ReKnew Trailer, and who also serves on the ReKnew Board. Lord willing, many more ReKnew videos will be coming down the pipe in the future!

Another visionary board member who has believed in me, served as my personal paparazzi, and who has been one of my dearest friends for the last 18 years, is Marcia Erickson. I should at the same time mention Greg, Marcia’s husband, not only because he is an equally dear friend, but because he has for a decade served as my personal technical assistant. You could only appreciate how much work this involves if you understood what a TOTAL ZERO I am with regard to all things technical! Seriously! Not only this, but Marcia and Greg are part of a family-like small group of friends that includes Alex and Julie Ross and Dave and Terri Churchill. This tight community has always supported me, and I simply can’t imagine where I and Shelley would be without them.

I also have to express profound appreciation to a media genius I’ve recently come to know and love, Joe Reuter. He and his team have donated countless hours into getting this website together. On top of this, Adam Langley, who is hired to oversee the day-to-day operation of the ReKnew website and other media venues, deserves a hearty thank you. At present, ReKnew can only afford to pay this young man 15 hours a week, yet he’s been putting in double, if not triple that amount to help get this ministry up and running. And then there is my insightful friend Sue Krautkramer who not only financially sacrificed to help bring this ministry into being but who had a vision for it, and was praying for it, years before I or anyone else envisioned it. She is one of those behind-the-scenes unsung heroes of the kingdom we’ll hear much about when Jesus brings the kingdom in fullness at the end of the age.

Finally, on behalf of the entire ReKnew team, I want to thank all who were able to make financial contributions during our ReKnew fundraiser in December and January. Combined with the giving of the ReKnew Team, we were able to raise over $60,000 — and this from people all over the globe! This outpouring of sacrificial giving was as humbling as it was exciting, and it was this that has made it possible to launch this website and ministry and to provide the initial funds to run it. Thank you!

Of course, to keep running and expanding this website, and to keep this ministry going and growing, we will need a great number of regular supporters. The vision God has placed on our heart is HUGE (you’ll be hearing more about this in future blogs). So if you are among those who want to see more and more people impacted by the theological vision that ReKnew is all about, will you prayerfully consider becoming a partner and regular supporter of this ministry? As is true of everything pertaining to the kingdom, this ministry can only advance as a community of people unit to sacrifice for a common cause.

Thank you, and Lord bless you!



Image by Jon Ashcroft. Used in accordance with Creative Commons. Sourced via Flickr


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Martin LaBar via Compfight Easter blessings to all of you from the ReKnew team. He is risen!