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NDY Happiness

May2013Greg’s band, NDY (Not Dead Yet) has a couple of gigs coming up soon. We wanted to give you a heads up that they’ll be playing at the Dugout in Mahtomedi on May 3rd at 8:30pm. They’ll also be performing at The Shanty at O’Gara’s on June 14th, and we’ll give you more details as that approaches.

They’ve got some new songs to share as well as a new singer who will be debuting. Janelle Churchill will be adding her vocals and we’re really excited about the new possibilities her contribution will bring.

As usual, all proceeds will benefit Kòt a Kòt which is a non-profit for young women at risk in Haiti. This is a ministry very close to the heart of everyone in the band, and NDY’s concerts help to cover the living expenses of the girls. The truth is, Kòt a Kòt  would not make it without the gifts and contribution of NDY.

We hope all of you locals will join us for a night of dancing and general happiness that will also help us to spread love to Haiti. See you there!

NDY Happiness
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