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Welcome to the New ReKnew!

Say hello to the new and much-improved ReKnew website! Not only have we upgraded the look, feel, and functionality of our site (e.g. our new search engine frankly rocks!), we’ve added – and will continue to add – new content. For example, because I am frequently asked what books I’d recommend on various topics, I created a bibliography of over 2,000 recommended books on the topics I spend most of my reading time in, and I will be regularly adding to this list. I also rated each book in terms of its level of difficulty, and Barbara, our website designer (more below) even linked each book to Amazon to make it easy for you to purchase it if you want to! (Okay, fine, we also did this because with every book purchased from our website we get a small kickback from Amazon – so support us by buying my books and books I recommend through our site!)

We want you to know that this is a work in progress, because more exciting things are on the horizon. For example, one of the greatest needs in the global kingdom movement that God is raising up today is for people who share our vision of a Jesus-looking God raising up a Jesus-looking kingdom to be able to find one another. So we are in the process of creating a global map where kingdom individuals, groups, churches and organizations can register themselves and begin communicating with each other. This is just one of the many additions to our site that you’ll be seeing in the coming months. So stay tuned!

I and my ReKnew team would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of you who are regular supporters of ReKnew. You are helping us inspire, resource and network the kingdom revolution. Thank you! And if any of you who share our excitement about this movement would like to partner with us by making an end-of-the-year contribution and/or by becoming a regular supporter, you can do so here.

Finally, while it would require an overly-long blog to thank all the individuals who have worked so hard behind the scenes to help create this new website and who help keep this ministry running, I simply must give a shout-out to the effervescent and always-spunky Barbara Schendel, owner of Wizzy Wig Web Design. Barbara, your Encyclopedic knowledge, witty humor, incredible creativity, and, perhaps most importantly, godly patience with our prone-to-change-our-mind team made working on this site an exciting and joyful adventure. Thank you!

I encourage you all to spend a moment exploring our new home. And feel free to give the site a shout-out to your friends. Use the hashtag #NewReKnew.

Viva La Revolution!


Photo Credit: Marcia Erickson

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