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Rejuvination of Faith

I just wish to thank you for your ministries that you do by the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would say I’m about an adolescent Christian only giving my life to the Lord and getting baptized my freshman year of college (I’m now a senior). In

From a Jehovah’s Witness

 Hey Greg, I watched the CNN documentary God’s Christian Warriors, and I wanted to say that I think what you said about Christ not taking any part in the political world of his day was one of the most incitful things said throughout the entire documentary. The leader of the

No Longer an Atheist

I love your books.  I was an atheist for the longest time until my good friend lent me a copy of your book “God of the Possible.”  That book changed the way I thought about God, and I began to realize that the God I was so against, might not

Back Flips

Hello Friends! I just received Dr. Boyd’s book, “The Myth of a Christian Nation” and to say I’m enjoying it is an understatement. More like doing back flips off my walls! No, seriously, this book is long in coming and absolutely RIGHT ON. The world is weeping for the Lamb

Christus Victor

Hey Greg, The whole Christus Victor theme, and the whole thing about Christ coming to set up his kingdom is kind of new and exciting for me.I´m in the middle of the 4 views – nature of the atonement book. Your essay is awesome. After reading it, it was hard

Redefining What “Follower of Christ” Means

Pastor Greg,…I am in the process of reading pretty much everything you’ve ever written and your theological process has quite literally redefined what it means for me to be a follower of Christ.  Satan and the Problem of Evil has confirmed what I already knew in my heart….that the world

Reaffirmation of What God has Been Saying to Me

Hi Greg, I current live in Los Angeles. I’ve only recently become acquainted with your work. Last week I read “The Case for Christ” and had begun doing a bit of research on the people Lee Strobel interviewed. As a result I happened upon the various interviews that you had

Thank you isn’t enough

Thank you just sums it up very nicely, yet doesn’t seem like enough.  I will never be able to express fully the way your teachings, explanations of theology and challenges have revolutionized my life.  I have been a Christian since I was 16 (nearly 20 years) and I am finally

No longer blaming God

I am a graduate student studying theology and psychology …my current academic endeavors have the goal of putting me at the occupational forefront where theology meets the road of real life–and specifically helping people who’ve been “run over” on the road–as a Christian counselor. Having read several of your books

Signed in faith

I live in Denver, Colorado. I read the story on your church and I would like to say that I do not know Jesus – I was never baptized as a child and have not made a firm decision up until this point. I have always been Christian – ish

Cross and the Sword

  Hi Greg, I imagine you’re getting a flurry of email today and more will come if local media outlets pick up the NYT story. I know it is not the approval of man that you seek, but we do appreciate you and the ministry of Woodland Hills. Thank you

From Korea

Hello   i live in seoul, korea  i’ve heard about your article.  i also agree with yours opinion.  i just want to send my email..  Please,Take courage~ God will help U. i think..  i also like the your country.  but Now .. i think UsA have to return their puritan mind..

Thank you for preaching a beautiful kingdom

Greg,   “… if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20   I’m not sure if you’ll read this, as I know you’re extremely busy, but I just wanted to say thank you for “preaching Jesus.” I have struggled

Glimmer of hope

Greg Boyd,   Roughly a week ago I heard of you for the first time from a friend during a dinner conversation. We went through our usual political, social banters – stopping just long enough in the realm of theology to discover that my friend adheres to Open Theism. Despite

Back from Rwanda

Father, forgive them (response from Blog entry)   I’ve just gotten back from two weeks in Rwanda with and read your article.  It made me think of the man I will begin supporting in Butare, Rwanda.  Pastor David Nahayo was telling me of the difficulty he had receiving communion from

From a Reform Jew

Dear Dr. Boyd,   I just finished your book “The Myth of a Christian Nation“. I have seldom been more moved by anything I have read or heard than your writing. I am a Reform Jew and while proud of my heritage, not particularly religious, but this is a primer for

From a very thankful brother in Christ

Dear Greg, I just want to encourage, and thank you for your on going Kingdom search and ability to teach on the things you have learned. I have been extremely touched by your ministry. I feel that after 24 years of my life being raised in a Christian family environment,

Insight into walking in the Spirit

Greg, Repenting of Religion was the source of my ‘insight’ into how to consistently ‘walk in the Spirit.’ I am 77 years old, graduate of Moody Bible Institute, served in every office (except pastor) in evangelical churches, and yet no one ever warned me not to judge. I am bright

From Oregon

Hello, I just read “The Myth of a Christian Nation.” I and a group we started at the University of Oregon called “University of Oregon Evangelicals for Peace and Social Justice” were telling the same message, but not nearly as well, in the early 80’s. As a result we were

From Egypt

Dear Greg, I want to thank you for the books that you are writing. I have read several: God at War, Is God to Blame, Myth of a Christian Nation, God of the possible, all of which are fantastic. I am looking forward to the one regarding the blueprint with

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