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From the Heart: Where “Forgiveness” Crosses a Line

Here’s a letter we received recently. It’s a great testimony about bringing the Kingdom vision to a place where it is totally foreign. Dear Greg, I suspect that this email echoes some of the sentiments expressed by many others who contact you on a steady basis. By way of a

Soldier of Conscience

David D. Flowers posted this testimony of the life and death of Joshua Casteel (1979-2012). Joshua was an interrogator at Abu Ghraib when he was confronted by the contradiction between his role as a soldier and his identity as a Christian. This confrontation came from the unlikeliest of sources; it

From the Heart: Called to Minister to Outcast Kids

Here’s a lovely testimony we received from Germany. Hey Greg, Thank you for your message. For making clear what God has been working on my heart about for the last few years. I am called to minister to youth, and was broken hearted when I realized that the exact kids

Adopting Christian Pacifism

Stuart Williams via Compfight We wanted to share a reflection by Kurt Willems on how he eventually embraced pacifism despite resisting this part of his anabaptist roots for much of his youth. Hope you enjoy his story. From the blog: The summer following my first year of seminary a tour

Precious Henry

Hi folks, This week a young mother named Jessica shared a letter with me that she had written to her precious four-year-old son after he died of a brain tumor several weeks ago. Last October, a news station in their area did a story on Henry that will introduce you

Enough Faith?

Periodically, we post testimonies from our readers. If you have a testimony to share you can email us at (We won’t share your contact information or your last name.) We love to hear what God is up to in your lives! Dear Greg, I know you can’t possibly read

From the Heart: Paradigm Shift

I have in the past few months been introduced to your teaching, books and theology. Since I have been listening to your teachings online and reading/listening to some of your books “Myth of a Christian Nation” and “Myth of a Christian Religion” along with listening/reading books by Shane Claiborne, I have had

From the Heart: Reaching Out

Here’s a letter we received from a new reader. He shares a little of his journey from faith to atheism to his recent tentative steps back to faith again. If any of you know of some good resources in the Phoenix area that you think may benefit John, please contact

From the Heart: A Soldier’s Journey to Peacemaking

Hi Greg & Greg’s family, Nice meeting you at the “Hellbound?” showing tonight. :-) With all my heart, thank you for showing me the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus through your ministry. I read “The Myth of the Christian Nation” while deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007. Seeing you

From the Heart

Here’s a short testimony sent in from a reader: Hi there Greg, I read your commentary on Romans 9 recently, and reread it again today. I struggled with this chapter prior to becoming a Christian and it made me hate God. Even after I became a Christian I wrestled with

From the Heart

Here’s another letter of thanks we received from a reader: Hey Greg, I am a church planter in south Texas. Last year, I walked my people through The Story – a 31 week reading through the bible chronologically. I was not prepared for the struggle in getting through the Old

Encouragement from a Reader

Hey Greg, Having listened to your podcasts for years, read all your books (even Trinity and Process), and done everything but make life-size cardboard cutouts of you for my office, I’ve wanted to write for some time. You are such a needed piece to this Kingdom of God puzzle. I

Email from Israel

Hi Greg. Very kind of you to respond. You already held ‘busiest man alive’ status in my mind, so thanks… By the way, I’m far from being the only guy listening to you over here [in Isreal]. has really changed the lives of several of my Israeli friends. It

From an Appreciative Reader

Greg,  I’m reading several of your articles this morning and I thought it would be appropriate to tell you how much of a blessing you are in my life. I’ve been hurting for so long as to being able to articulate all of the abhorances I’ve seen in the church in

Surrendering to God

Greg:  I have recently finished reading your Book.  I really do not know what I was expecting or why the book attracted me to it.  I was a true blue atheist when I picked it up … To make a very long email short, your dad was so much like mine on what he

From a Seminary Student

Greg, I wanted to write you and let you know how much I admire you and Woodland Hills, and furthermore, how much I loved “Myth of a Christian Religion (and Nation as well). I long for the Kingdom to be manifested in the ways you describe and I know how

From a Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant

I saw Greg on CNN’s “God Warriors” (a great show) and I just took to heart everything he said. For the first time in my life, I felt like someone knew exactly how I felt. I am no theologian, so I could never express through scripture why I feel like

Hope in the Wilderness

Greg, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into both your writing & sermons. I have been a long term fan of your books, as together with Clark Pinnock’s writings (another favorite theologian) you convinced me of open theism some 8-10 years ago. However, my

The radical change I never expected…

The radical change I never expected…   Here’s just a snippet of one of the many ways in which Greg Boyd’s teachings have helped bring God and His Kingdom to life for me:   As a lifelong Catholic-Christian (believing, for the most part), I got married at the age of

From a Mennonite

I attend a Mennonite church and our pastor recommended your book The Myth of a Christian Nation to me. I grew up in a Christian Amish family my dad being the bishop of the church. We had long discussions about the exact thing that you wrote in the book but

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