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Myth of a Christian Nation

Dr. Boyd- I have finished reading your book “The Myth of a Christian Nation” and I just wanted to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you for saying exactly what I have been afraid to say for a few years now. I cried as I read this book because I, like

Students inspired

Mr. Boyd: This may be an odd e-mail, but I thought you might enjoy it. For a number of years, I have read your books. Your perspective on suffering in your writings, quite literally, kept my best friend from leaving Christianity after suddenly losing his 20 month old daughter. His

Recognizing the goodness of God

Pastor Boyd, …I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for the courage with which you have taught on open theism. My father was the one that introduced me to your work, and I cannot thank you enough. I previously attended a private, Presbyterian high school, where I was

From J

Greg,  Two weeks ago, our family suffered a terrible loss as my wife’s dad passed away from terminal brain cancer. He was a good brother in the Lord, but at age 71 was struck with a terminal brain cancer and went home with the Lord. It was a very difficult

Overdue thanks

Dear Pastor Boyd, At the end of 2003 my father was killed in a sudden, somewhat mysterious car accident. After his death I spent many months blaming God, and I could not understand how or why God would kill my father in such a horrible way. I was in the

Restored faith in Christ

Hi Greg, You don’t know me, but you came to speak at a college retreat I attended here in the Northwest a few years ago. I just want to thank you. I am still so glad that I was able to hear you speak. It has forever changed my faith. 

A corrective lens of warfare worldview

Dr. Boyd, I am writing as a follow up to a series of emails that we exchanged a year ago — it revolved around the drowning death of a 5 year old girl. You recommended that I read “Is God to Blame” which I did. It was and is hugely

From a Counseling Pastor

Hello Greg,   We’ve never met but you are one of my favorite people on the planet. I am a counseling pastor/elder of a small church. Five years ago, I picked up “God At War” and never looked back!  I’ve read everything you have written and listen regularly to your

From New York

Dr. Boyd,    I have to sincerely thank you. Your book “Repenting of Religion” has changed my entire paradigm of the Christian walk. It has also thrown me into studying Scripture more deeply, as being a Christian is not what it seems.   L from New York

Long distance pastor

Pastor Greg, …I am in the process of reading pretty much everything you’ve ever written and your theological process has quite literally redefined what it means for me to be a follower of Christ. “Satan and the Problem of Evil” has confirmed what I already knew in my heart….that the


Dr. Boyd, Wow, I cannot say how appreciative I am to you for writing this book. I have read several books on the “Just War” theory, and it has made me sick. I do not understand how so many Christians could support a war theory that has almost zero Biblical

From Africa

Dear Greg, Listening to BBC Sunday morning here in Nairobi and who do I hear but Greg Boyd being interviewed. Everybody listens to BBC here in Africa, so you had a few million more people hear your message. We are grateful that God is using you in this way. By

My Spiritual Life was transformed….

Dear Greg: Greetings to you from the other side of the Atlantic. As we approached the end of the academic year, for reasons no one understands, our academic dean added another week to the semester. In my pastoral theology class, I had already told the students everything I knew and

Friends in Bangkok

Thank you. I have been listening to your podcasts for over a year. I have shared them as I travel in Asia and Africa. I have read many of Greg Boyd’s books that have deeply touched our lives. We are serving God today because of His wonderful character of love

I see Jesus…

Greetings Greg and all the staff at CVM!       I just want to say a huge THANK YOU!!  I cannot express in words how your books and your sermons have impacted myself and my husband. I wanted to write because my world has been turned upside down in the

Rekindled Hunger

Hi, Dr. Boyd. I would like to tell you of an occurence in my life that just recently happened. As a result of watching CNN’s “God’s Warriors”, I was introduced to your ministry and to your way of thinking. I grew up in a presbyterian church. Within the last several

Inspired Future Pastor

Dr. Boyd, Hi, my name is ____. I am 22, married, and about to be a senior at Southwest Baptist University here in Bolivar, MO. I am majoring in Religious Studies and plan to go on seminary (not sure where, hopefully Duke Divinity), and then, by the grace of God,

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