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How You Can Help Us Financially for Free!

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Hello friends of ReKnew,

Did you know that you can help advance the Kingdom while you shop, at no extra cost to you? It’s true!

Many of you will undoubtedly be shopping on for books and other gifts for loved ones this holiday season (and throughout the year). If you get on Amazon’s site through ReKnew (by clicking on the link in the right column on our front page), then Amazon will give a percentage of everything you purchase back to ReKnew. Granted, it’s a small percentage, but a little bit by a lot of people adds up quickly!

So, whether it’s during this holiday season or any time later in the year, if you’re thinking about buying a book or anything else on, why not get there via ReKnew? And be sure to tell your friends! Make your buying count for the Kingdom!

Lord bless you all this holiday season!



How You Can Help Us Financially for Free!
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