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Celebrating God with Disco Balls and Balloons


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Ed Cyzewski wrote a guest post over at A Deeper Church titled When Church is Like a Party. Oh my. Do read this. It’s Ed’s reflection on coming back to God and how a crazy party during worship cracked open his heart.

From the post:

Balloons aren’t the most sophisticated element for a party, but they act as a signal: we’re celebrating, this is a PARTY. Every kid in our church associates balloons with a party. They danced and sang and threw balloons around. It was just as wild as any party with over 50 young kids turned loose with a pile of balloons.

As I confessed my own hard heart and mourned the times that God had been presented as judgmental and angry, I watched these children running around with smiles on their faces in church. Think about that for a moment. These kids are learning from the start that church is where we celebrate God’s love. Church is a place where we are happy and joyful because God has saved us. We can throw a big party for God and celebrate God’s love even when answers fail us and doubts creep in.

Church is a party—not a frivolous, silly event with party bags, but a “serious” celebration of God’s love where tears and laughter both have their place.

Celebrating God with Disco Balls and Balloons
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