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Friday Lights: Perspective

Each Friday we’ll be posting content sent to us by our readers that is inspiring, funny, lighthearted or just generally fun. If you’d like more information on submitting content for this feature you can get more information here.

Here’s something sent to us from Kelly Caroline. Thanks!

I am in a season of uncertainty and confusion. One morning this week I woke up and, instead of getting right to checking emails and voicemails and bank statements, I went to my family room and saw it with fresh eyes. I saw it for what a blessing it is to have such a wonderful, comfortable space to raise my family in. I put on my favorite album, and just laid on the floor, willing to accept the comfort Jesus offers us.

After a while, I knelt next to the window and I looked up. The window frame looked like the cross. I began to envision myself worshipping at the crucifixion as Jesus traded my sin and sorrow and took it on Himself. As I did this, I noticed a single dove had been perched on the power line the whole time and it struck me instantly that that’s how the Holy Spirit is in our lives- there, watching and looking after us. I also noticed that if I wasn’t in this knelt position of worship, I wouldn’t have seen the scene from the right angle. Thankfully, my camera was on the table next to me, so without having to get up, I snapped this photo. I hope this story encourages ReKnew readers to see with fresh eyes our everyday blessings and that God is always present, waiting patiently for us to come to Him.

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