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The Open View and Radical Suffering

photo-2Jessica Kelley spoke at Open2013 this morning, sharing her journey with tenderness and authority. Jessica began wrestling with her view of God a couple of years ago and embraced Open Theism prior to the diagnosis and eventual death of her four-year-old son, Henry. Everyone here at the conference was profoundly affected by her story and by the beauty of the God who walked with her and her husband through the darkest days of their lives. We’re so grateful that she has been open to sharing with us in this way.

Someone commented afterwards, “Theologians can work their whole lives to refine their views, but there are places where our words fall short. We have to allow the voices of those who have suffered to rise up and teach us.” This was a moment where a room full of theologians listened in silence and with tears to the voice of a grieving mother, and learned what this theology really means when radical suffering comes. Jessica reminded us, “The blueprint worldview turns broken people away from the One who was broken for them.”

Although her portion of the conference was not taped (big mistake) we’ll be working at getting her presentation to all of you as soon as possible. God is doing something amazing here.

The Open View and Radical Suffering
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